POTSie Pairings

IMG_20170701_115607767People with POTS will get this: I drink a lot of Propel. I keep buying cases of it and it somehow disappears, but I guess that’s what happens when you drink two liters of it a day. Personally, I prefer it to other electrolyte drinks because of the fact that it has no sugar or calories. As thrilling as a lifetime of drinking Propel sounds, I couldn’t picture myself at a barbecue or at a friend’s house for a dinner party drinking a bottle of Propel while everyone else had something more festive. Like many people with POTS, I find it difficult to drink even small amounts of alcohol without feeling way worse.

The second part of this comes in with my discovery of Fre wine (now owned by Sutter Home Winery). What they do is make real wine, from real wine grapes, and use science magic (AKA spinning cone technology) to remove the alcohol but preserve the aroma and flavors of the wine. Seriously, it tastes like real wine and not juice. I first found it on a grocery store shelf when I was a teenager and brought it home to confuse my parents as to how 1. a teenager bought wine and 2. how I got wine in a grocery store. I grew up in a place where you can only buy alcohol at specially designated liquor stores.

So then I started to think…I have to consume a ton of electrolyte drinks to stay somewhat functional, but I also have a wine brand I can now drink. Why not combine them into something resembling a wine spritzer? I can stay hydrated and have a fun drink to carry around at a party. So let’s raise a glass to the first POTSie Pairings.

Moody Merlot

Fre Merlot
Propel Black Cherry
Lime (juice + for garnish)
Sparkling water for fizz

For my first trial run, I used this ratio:
1/4 Merlot
1/2 Propel
1/4 Sparkling water
Lime juice to taste

I’m a big fan of lime, and found lime flavored sparkling Perrier water on sale (a liter bottle for a dollar) at the grocery store. The drink was fresh, and the black cherry flavors in the Propel highlighted the depth in the wine. As weird as this sounds as a combination, I would absolutely make this again.

Pair with: Audrey Hepburn’s¬†Roman Holiday so you can commiserate about being a POTSie princess (or prince) stuck in their palace. Also goes well with cheese and crackers or looking moody and cool while lounging at the poolside.


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