Onion Noodles, AKA Why I Always Bring Onion Soup Mix

So I’ve been off traveling for almost a week in a new city. It’s difficult to always find food with enough salt content, plus I get bored with eating out all of the time so I try to bring things I can make on the road. I knew I would be making a stop at a relative’s house, so I brought a few key supplies with me. You know how it’s important in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to always have a towel? That’s how I feel about onion soup mix, and here’s why:

It’s portable. It’s loaded with salt. It’s already a bunch of seasoning mixed together. It makes you 100% seem more prepared.

So on this trip I took two vegetables that travel well (carrots and onions), a box of dried pasta, and a packet of onion soup mix and made it dinner.


Onion Noodles

Motivation rating: If you have a chair in the kitchen it’s a great opportunity to get some reading done.
Planning rating: What’s ‘planning’?
Salt rating: One onion soup mix packet has about 100% of an average person’s daily sodium.

Baby/regular carrots
1/2 an onion
1/2 a box of pasta
1 packet onion soup mix
Pepper and additional salt to taste

Step 1: Get water boiling for the pasta.

Step 2: Based on a sliding scale of motivation, cut the carrots and onion. I was feeling ambitious and did nice even cuts of quartered baby carrots and onion wedges.

Step 3: Saute the vegetables in a bit of oil with salt and pepper.

Step 4: Pull out a book or cell phone and wait. Possibly play the neighbor game with someone. (Who would you rather have as a neighbor… Lady Gaga or Madonna? Someone who has an extensive clown decor collection or someone who thinks they’re a real life 1800s cowboy?)

Step 5: Cook noodles according to directions and give the vegetables an occasional stir. Drain the noodles and add to the vegetable pan.


Ready and waiting for onion soup mix.

Step 6: Once the noodles and veg are more integrated and the noodles have a bit of oily coating, add the onion mix and stir. I used two forks to make integrating the mix easier.


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