I’m no doctor, but I’ve sure seen enough of them to give a brief rundown of things. After many years of symptoms, I was diagnosed with dysautonomia, which essentially means my automatic nervous system doesn’t function the way it should. (The automatic nervous system, the thing that controls the stuff that should happen in your body automatically, like regulating heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, temperature control…). Aside from a doctor-supervised medicine regiment, lots of electrolytes and fluids, and some really cool waist high compression stockings, doctors suggest increasing salt consumption.

I was getting pretty bored with snacking on pretzels, pickles, olives, and pre-packaged high sodium foods and decided to make some of my regular dishes POTS friendly, in a way that preserved the flavors of the food. Trust me, everything just tasting like salt is a big issue. Some POTSies (people with POTS) are also sensitive to dairy and gluten so I have tried to keep that in mind with some of the recipes I create. The recipes here (obviously) aren’t medical treatments, but they are tasty and filled with sodium. (Also, apologies to my partner who has to try all of these dishes with me).